I have been interested in Aromatherapy for close to 30 years, I thought I might share some of my knowledge with others.

Allergy Trio?

The Ides of March have passed, St Patrick’s Day is almost gone, we are on to the first day of Spring. With Spring in the air, pollen and other allergens are in the air causing some of us to sneeze, cough, wheeze, have a runny nose, or a stuffy nose, and let’s not forget those itchy watery eyes. We all want relief NOW! The pharmaceutical companies are lining their pockets while we spend money looking for a quick fix. Truthfully there are so many allergens in the air I am not sure there is a quick fix, move to the North Pole I guess.

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(I have Linked to Aromatics International Oils in this blog, they have GREAT oils fair prices and several size bottles to choose from. There is a lot of information on their pages about the oils if you are interested in reading up on one. If you use this link in this paragraph you will receive $10 and so will I.)

So you want to find an Essential Oil to help you? There is a lot of talk about the “Allergy Trio” of Essential Oils. (Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint) While these 3 oils are great oils, you will need to use care using the blend around young children.

Peppermint is great for coughs, and congestion but it has the chemical 1,8-cineole and should NEVER be used around the face of a child. (There is not an exact age given in anything I have read so far, so if in doubt do not use it.) The safety data I have read on Peppermint says it should be safe to use in a diffuser, BUT I had a young lady use 1 drop in her diffuser this week and it was too much for her children. USE IT WITH CAUTION around children. There are other Oils you can use without 1,8-cineole with similar benefits; Spearmint is a relief oil without 1,8-cineole and the fragrance is not as strong and overpowering as Peppermint.

I hope I have not turned you off Peppermint, it is a GREAT oil and has lots of amazing uses, I just want you to know it is not to be used on young children and to use caution when you diffuse it around them if there is any change in the child get them to fresh air ASAP and turn the diffuser off.

Some of you may have watched the Dr. Axe video I posted a couple of weeks ago he has another just about Peppermint Oil here. He provides 25 top uses for Peppermint Oil in a video, written, and chart formats. I hope you enjoy.

The next oil I am going to discuss of the “Allergy Trio” is Lemon. Lemon is great for cleaning the air, has a wonderful scent (like a Lemon) and is stimulating.
The Therapeutic Properties associated with Lemon are Analgesic, Antibacterial, Antidepressant, Antioxidant, Antispasmodic, Antiviral, Astringent, Cooling, Diuretic, Immunostimulant, Liver support/protector, Skin Penetration Enhancer. Lemon can stimulate white blood cell production. It can assist in lowering a fever, a good oil to use for colds, allergies or flu, but it is not so good to help you sleep. There is another citrus oil with all of these benefits and others but it is not as stimulating to the brain and will allow you to rest more, Orange. I prefer to use Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) as opposed to Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium) since Sweet Orange is “Sweeter” and softer to the nose. Some people do not smell the difference.

NOTE: Another major difference between the Sweet & Bitter Orange is Phototoxicity, Sweet Orange is NOT phototoxic and Bitter Orange is. If you use Bitter Orange topically and expose the skin where it has been applied to the Sun or UV light you can get a very painful burn.

FYI most all of the Citrus oils are interchangeable, but you have to know the Photoxicity before you use them topically, I will cover this more in another blog.

Dr. Axe has a Top 10 Uses for Lemon here & an 11 Uses for Sweet Orange Oil here.

This only leaves us with Lavender in the trio. What can I say it is the number 1 most used Essential Oil in the United States. If you need rest this is a go-to oil, the Linalool & Linalyl-acetate in Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) will get you rest. If you need to be on the go and alert then I would recommend you not using Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) but Spike Lavender (Lavandula latifolia), all of the Anti-infectious, Pain reducing, muscle spasm reduction, immune stimulation, of Lavender. Without the extra dose of Linalyl-acetate. NOTE: Be careful with the Spike Lavender (Lavandula latifolia) around young children because it has 1,8-cineole.

Dr Axe has a presentation here on Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

There are other GREAT oils for Allergies, Colds, & Flu, I will post another post tomorrow from the Cold & Flu Class I took, I think I have it all typed up and ready to post.

Tea Tree is an amazing oil for Cold & Flu, but it also has a hidden secret the Terpinen-4-ol in Tea Tree has been shown to Calm Histamine, it will be an amazing oil to diffuse for allergies. Dr. Axe has a presentation here on Tea Tree Oil.

Breath Deep, God Bless, & namaste…Oily on Down the Street.








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