I have been interested in Aromatherapy for close to 30 years, I thought I might share some of my knowledge with others.

Top 10 Essential Oil Mistakes

I have found Dr. Axe has some great information and is a good presenter. Why rebuild the wheel when I can roll this right on out for you.

I am providing an outline of the information Dr. Axe covers in this video, I like to have something go back to as a refresher. He has some list I thought you might enjoy in a written form, everything I have in the outline is covered on his slides.

Top 10 Mistakes People Make with Essential Oils:

  1.  Thinking you need to know everything about every oil.
    – Just learn about 5 oils to start:

    1. Frankincense: the pinene modulates the immune system — Great for overall health
    2. Lavender: #1 oil used in the US — Great for Relaxing and overall health
    3. Lemon: Cleansing the Lymphatic System — Uplifting
    4. Peppermint: Energizer — Great for Digestion
    5. Tea Tree: Natural Household Cleaner & Air purifier
  2. Giving Wrong Advice
    – A powerful form of Plant-Based Medicine
    – Could affect someone’s health
    – Education is the Key
  3. Disregarding Quality
    – Signs your oil is fake
    – Problems with fake oils
    – How to find quality oils:

    1. Organic
    2. No Additives
    3. Right Farming Principles
    4. CG/MS Testing (Dr. Axe did not touch on this, but it ensures you get what you are paying for, I spoke more about this is another post How to Tell if Your Oil is Real )
  4. Using Photosensitive Oils in the Sun
    – Cold Pressed Lime is highly Photosensitive (Distilled Lime is not Photosensitive)
    – Orange
    – Bergamont is highly Photosensitive
    – Grapefruit
    – Cumin
    – Lemongrass
  5. Using All Oils the Same Way
    – Not all oils are safe to use the same way
    – Some are NEVER used internally
    – Some are used internally for a Limited time
    – Certain oils need to be diluted
  6. Using Oils Too Long
    – Only use diffuser friendly oils for 8 hours
    – Only use Direct Inhalation for 5 Minutes
    – Using certain oils internally for Long-term is not recommended
  7. You Assume it’s all Safe for Pets
    – NOT Recommended for pets:

    1. Birch
    2. Clove
    3. Oregano
    4. Tea Tree
    5. Thyme
    6. Wintergreen
      – Oils Safer for use on DOGS:

      1. Lavender
      2. Frankincense
      3. Helichrysum
  8. Using Oils the Same on Kids & Adults
    – Some oils are NOT suitable for small children (Ex. Lemongrass, Oregano)
    – Some oil need to be used differently (dilution & placement)
    Eucalyptus MUST be diluted for ALL Children & CANNOT be used NEAR the FACE
  9. Using No-No Oils Durning Pregnancy
    – Some Oils Stimulate:

    1. Contractions
    2. Abortifacient Qualities
    3. Estrogen Production
      — Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy
      — Cinnamon
      — Clove
      — Birch
      — Clary Sage
      — Fennel
      — Wintergreen
      — Myrrh
      — Best Oils for Pregnancy:
      — Ginger (Constipation/Morning Sickness)
      — Lavender (Strech Marks)
      — Lemon (Fatigue)
      — Orange (Fatigue)
      — Ylang-Ylang (Insomnia)
  10. No Training or Certification
    –  Increases confidence
    –  Help build credibility & confidence
    –  Makes an authority (I don’t know about this one)

I hope you enjoy watching and reading this half as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

Namaste & God Bless, be sure to Oily on down the Street…

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